keeping (269)

these are either decks i'm not actively collecting right now or special cards of my favs. please don't offer any of these to me in a trade! if you don't think you have anything else i might want, just link me to your trade pile. if you're actually collecting one of these decks, i'm more than happy to trade them away normally!


cryptid containment zone (holding)

pending trades

- teej (pending since October 11, 2021)

- nu (pending since November 07, 2021)

- abbu (pending since March 13, 2022)
bluering20, clover19, exsphere01, kweh04, runaway09

- sisi (pending since May 02, 2022)

- pot of gold 101 (pending since May 15, 2022)

- silly blanks 114 (pending since June 15, 2022)

- aru (pending since September 07, 2022)
fleeting14, fleeting16, gecko07, coquettish01, easyr12, skateboard06, emissary04, emissary07, speaker20, alto06, rental02, rental07, heavyblade02, wavemaster05, wavemaster19, blackluna17, kigal03, walk09, dormouse20, kisses18, meanies04, rocknuzzle05, shelltrap16, clover14, daffodil01, enigma01, fourthson18, neptune01

- delete shiritori 217 (pending since September 09, 2022)

- silly blanks 127 (pending since September 09, 2022)