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scanner (4/20)

attacker (5/20)

onread (3/20)

alter (16/20)

crush (9/20)

ladyluck (6/20)

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these are special cards of characters i like from decks i'm not interested in, characters whose series i've never seen/played but i think they're kinda cool anyway, or just decks i'm not sure i want to commit to 100%. please don't offer any of these to me in a trade! if you don't have anything else i'm collecting, just link me to your trade pile. in the case that you're collecting one of these decks, i'm more than happy to trade them away normally!



- jelly (pending since September 30, 2018)
daisuki13, items06

- pog 92 (pending since October 08, 2018)

- lee (pending since November 02, 2018)
fleurdelys16, ikayaki05, untouchable11, untouchable13

- aletha (pending since December 06, 2018)
riders19, starbeat19